Really, really annoying

Over the last few years, people have started saying, “Really?…Really?” when expressing disbelief or frustration about something, akin to the Seriously‘s?, For real‘s? and Are you kidding‘s? of yore. It seems this idiomatic trend has taken 20- and 30-somethings by storm, especially in the last year. It’s even cropped up on a Verizon commercial I’ve seen way too many times on Hulu. It’s kind of annoying. Okay, it’s super annoying.

I think it’s the second “really” that does it for me with that inflected pitch and whiney tone, like a valley girl on speed. I’ve thought about where this came from and how it spread so quickly. I wonder if the bit on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update called Really? has been instrumental in its propagation, but they use a very different intonation when they deliver it – and it’s only one “really” sans its annoying, pitchier twin.

At least one person agrees with me, and also notes the potential SNL influence.

Anyway, I hope it fades fast.


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